When I first saw a personal computer… It was love at first sight.

And then… I won the Olympiad in programming among schools in our city, programming in BASIC, and my first book on programming was “Peter Norton’s Assembly Language Book for the IBM PC”. I played Elite on the ZX Spectrum, and my favorite Quake 2 trick was Double Rocket and Grenade Jumping. I programmed microcontrollers on Intel 8051, and lectures about Turbo Pascal and Delphi made me bored. I used to work with IBM PC AT/XT, I remember my ecstasy when my dad bought me a Pentium 100 and how I was crazy about happiness when I first connected to the Internet from home via an analog PBX and a 9600 modem.

Now mobile devices are taking over the world, and I’m coding for everything Apple-related.

Time is running. But I still love what I do. As Steve Jobs said, “I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

I would.

School of Mathematics (graduated with a gold medal), Master of Computer Science (honors degree), and Striving to do really outstanding apps – these are my strongest traits. I develop applications from scratch and believe that we should strive to create great applications or not create them at all.

I’m familiar and have strong experience with:
– Objective-C, Swift, and iOS development tools (Xcode, iTunes Connect, TestFlight)
– Object-oriented programming and design patterns
– iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics
– Third-party libraries and APIs using CocoaPods
– Large data sets
– Developing universal applications optimized for the iPad and iPhone
– UI/UX development
– HTML, JavaScript, Perl, XML, JSON
– Unit testing
– Version control systems (git)

Alexander.Yolkin@gmail.com Skype: Alexander.Yolkin Odessa, Ukraine

I am not only technically proficient, but also consistently work on the following qualities:
– Passion and ability to quickly and eagerly learn new technologies
– An ability to consistently meet deadlines even while running multiple projects
– Communication skills with a wide range of individuals, a collaborative approach to team projects

You can contact me through my contact details or just send me a message using the form below