Monobudget on the App Store

I’ve always loved keeping track of personal finances. How much is spent on food, how much on gasoline, how much I earned, how much I spent, what is the cash flow.

But, it was always difficult to find a suitable application for accounting personal finances.

One application was able to do one thing but did not do another, another application was able to do almost everything, but it was very complex in terms of user interaction, the third application was, it seems, close to ideal, but ugly in terms of the user interface.

And I was always frustrated by the fact that everything had to be entered manually. Cash, movement on cards, income, expenses. Very often something was forgotten and had to be carried by eye. Sometimes there was simply no inspiration and then you had to balance the balance after a long period of time.

And I always dreamed that the day would come and I would have a beautiful, very simple in terms of interaction application for accounting and budgeting of personal finances, which will do everything automatically.

With the advent of monobank with its public API, this dream became possible.

Dear friends, today (the Apple App Store Review Team finally took mercy and) I bring to your attention the monobudget – your personal finances at your fingertips.

You no longer need to enter anything manually. Just spend everything with #monobank and budget with #monobudget.