apple watch se

Yes, that is precisely what I saw when I woke up early in the morning. Looks like my Apple Watch SE was hanging out all night. There were no exercises there, so they were not visiting the disco party. They were standing for 5 hours. Let me guess. Maybe they were waiting for entering a night club and they were not allowed in because they have not reached the age of majority.

Okay, now seriously.

Seems it’s an Apple Fitness Sharing issue and I’ll tell you why. I’ve been using Apple Watch for more than 2 years and I have never seen it never before.

But yesterday my brother sent me a Sharing invite and I accepted it.

So the case for this issue is the next:

  1. iOS 14.1, iPhone 7
  2. watchOS 7.1 (18R590), AppleWatch SE
  3. On 30th of November I accepted the Sharing invitation.
Apple Watch SE Fitness Sharing

4. I got to sleep with Apple Watch on my wrist.

5. On the 1st of December when I woke up I found a lot of activity logged by my Apple Watch SE for this day.

apple watch se

6. Fitness Sharing scene looked like I did 31% of daily move goal.

apple fitness sharing issue

7. Fitness Sharing in details:

8. So, saying by QA language, when I woke up, the expected result should have been Zero for Move, Zero for Exercise, Zero for Stand instead of the result described before.

I hope this is a known Apple Fitness Sharing issue and it will be fixed in the next release or, if it’s an unknown issue, I hope that someone from Apple Fitness App Team will get it seen. I’ll submit it to the Apple radar too.

And I wish Apple gets it fixed ASAP because I suppose this is a critical issue in so motivating feature of Apple Fitness.

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