Alex is very good at resolving issues and offering suggestions on how to improve the product. He is always professional and personable. His work is generally reliable and 95% of the time he gets it right the first time.

Alex is very understanding of our deadlines. When we identified problems he did embrace them. He didn’t argue that they were not a problem.

Sometimes Alex is reserved but he does a very good job of demonstrating his work.

He truly wants to make something great.

Philip Constantinou
Philip Constantinou
VP of Software and Data Science at Profusa, San Francisco, CA
September 2020

Alex listens and works hard to accomplish the tasks that are assigned to him. For many issues, he can easily solve them in his sleep because he is very competent.

Alex always takes ownership of development. There’s really no one else that does what he does on the team.

Alex clearly understands each team member’s role.

Every hard deadline given has been met.

Alex does an excellent job of communicating through verbal explanations and visually sharing his screen to demonstrate code and UI.

He acknowledges suggestions, always responds that he will work on things and doesn’t disagree when asked to perform tasks.

I like tackling these issues together as a team and seeing something start from an idea and end up as a working app. I love how involved all the team members are to work together and post on the Teams board any questions, thoughts, data, etc. at any time. I am always impressed how everyone is on time to meetings. It shows a great work ethic that I wish other people had. Overall working with Alex has been a treat.

Erin Sproul
Erin Sproul
Software Product Manager at Profusa, San Francisco, CA
September 2020

I hired Alex as an iOS developer in 2015 after seeing his online portfolio, and he’s completed flawless project for me since then. Alex’s ability to juggle multiple tasks was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of him. Alex would be an asset to any team or any client.

James Brown profile picture
James Brown
CTO at Brown Solutions Inc.
January 29, 2017, James was a client of Alex’s

Oleksander is professional detail-oriented developer. Has excellent communication skills and great work ethics. His code is clean and well commented. Knows well iOS requirements and development possibilities.

Darius Kozlovskis profile picture
Darius Kozlovskis
Founder at, entrepreneur, developer #DeFi #NFT
April 29, 2016, Darius was a client of Alex’s

Alex takes a great deal of pride in what he does and he works very hard to achieve the exact results that the customer is looking for. He has worked many late hours in my development area just to make certain that a delivered project is exactly what the customer wanted.

Anastasiya Vinogradska profile picture
Anastasiya Vinogradskaya
Quality Assurance Engineer
December 4, 2015, Anastasiya was a client of Alex’s

We launched a near-medical application. Sasha proactively approached all tasks. He always recommended how to complete the task more efficiently. Working with Alex, I was calm about the fact that I could not notice some details when describing the problem – Sasha always noticed them and offered a solution. I would also like to note that Sasha has high-level soft skills. It was very nice to work in a team with Sasha.

Алексей Синицын profile picture
Алексей Синицын
Технический менеджер –
June 24, 2020, Alex worked with Алексей in the same group

Great specialist in application development and team player. Our work together brings great pleasure.

Oleksii Shuliev profile picture
Oleksii Shuliev
Software Engineer at Catawiki
June 10, 2016, Alex worked with 🤭 Oleksii in the same group

Alexander faithfully performed curriculum, demonstrated excellent knowledge of subjects related to information technology. He constantly improved his level of professional knowledge and skills. Alexander assisted in the organization of the information processes in the Computerized Systems department. He made a significant contribution to the development of distance learning in the Computerized Systems department. The result of his graduation project was creating the distance learning system PowerLook, which is used at the Department of Systems Engineering to the present.

Edward Zharikov profile picture
Edward Zharikov
Professor at National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
March 2, 2013, Edward was Alex’s mentor

I was an eyewitness to the project development of distance learning and I want to note such qualities of Alexander as a passion for new knowledge, the ability to solve the tasks in time, and the ability to inspire and lead the team. Powerlook – was an outstanding projects for the time.

Ivan Zenchenko profile picture
Ivan Zenchenko
co-owner Gazon&Co
July 14, 2015, Ivan and Alex were students together

I’d like to recommend Alexander as a very professional person. We were working in one team during the year and shown an outstanding results in the field of our responsibility. Alexander is creative, analytical thinking and communicative guy. I appreciate the opportunity to work with such intelligent and clever person in one team.

Oksana Slusarchuk profile picture
Oksana Slusarchuk
Head Of Marketing at Philips UA
July 14, 2015, Alex worked with Oksana in the same group

I have an unique opportunity to recommend my colleague Alexander Yolkin. He has strong leadership qualities, he can successfully motivate others and his actions always bring vivid results. Alexander is a professional in his field with solid background. He has a global vision of business and clear understanding of what is going on in the industry. Besides, taking about his human qualities, I can add that Alexander is a kind, honest and fair person.

© Ihor Nikolenko profile picture
Ihor Nikolenko
LinkedIn Mentor for Business | Corporate consultant | Social Selling Guide & Ambassador | Inspiring people & companies be the Exception | Creator of the LinkedIn Boost Camp | Father of 5 | Happy CEO of my life
July 8, 2015, Alex worked with © Ihor in the same group

Alexander showed himself as a confident, self-motivated, smart and strategic-thinking professional. During last period of his work with kimberly-Clark he was leading the Project concerning the Winning culture development inside the team and he proved himself as an experienced professional with strong analytical skills.

Anastasiya Kushnir (Statsenko) profile picture
Anastasiya Statsenko
Key Account Manager at BIC
July 7, 2015, Alex worked with Anastasiya in the same group

Alexander is active, ambitious, goal oriented person. He is responsible, exact, team-player. He develops himself constantly- that helps him to improve his results.

Victoria Krupska-Anisimova profile picture
Victoria Krupskaya-Anisimova, PG Dip DigM
Customer Experience & Service Innovations Manager in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia at JDE Professional Ukraine
September 5, 2008, Victoria worked with Alex in different groups